private linking service


the basic usage of PeepLink is very straightforward:
you paste your text, press the gearwheel if you interested to use more options;
when finished press PEEP button and PeepLink will generate the link which you can use to access your entry.

These are the BBCodes you can use:
B - Bold
U - Underline
H - Heading

When you browse intries on PeepLink, you have a few options:
- Check Links - if there are any links stored on a current page, you can check their availability;
- Report Dead Page - Report Obsolete Page
- Send an Abuse - If you are a copyright holder and you believe that some information on a page violates your copyrights, you can send an abuse to us.


You don't need to be registered to use PeepLink.
however, if you do register, you will be able to keep track of your links in the Cabinet.